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Antique Japanese Bronze Hibachi Brazier 19"

Antique Japanese Bronze Hibachi Brazier 19"

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This is a bronze Hibachi Brazer from the early Meiji period (c.1870). This one features a fu-dog/shi-shi or a lion playing with a ball on a string. This symbolism of the shi-shi with a ball represents protection of the world or guarding the outside gate. It also features roaring face handles as well. It sits on a thick wooden base to keep the weight distributed evenly over tatami flooring and to keep it from scorching the floor. This type of indoor brazier was set with coals sitting on a thick bed of fire proof ash and used to heat a small area in a home. Sometimes a kettle or pan was placed on top to heat water for tea or grill small food items.


it stands 19" tall

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