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Hiroshi Yoshida Woodblock Print "Sankei-en" Garden 1935 Signed Original

Hiroshi Yoshida Woodblock Print "Sankei-en" Garden 1935 Signed Original

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By Hiroshi Yoshida (1876-1950) dated 1935. Signed original, laid down.

Sankei-en Garden (Yokohama)

Series: Eight Scenes of Cherry Blossoms (Sakura hachi dai)
16"H x 11"W
Hiroshi Seal
Signed: Hiroshi Yoshida in pencil
Condition: Very good color and impression. Laid down to board causing some creasing (see photos).

Hiroshi Yoshida (1876–1950) was a distinguished Japanese woodblock print artist. Born in Tokyo, he initially pursued a military career but later shifted to art. Hiroshi seamlessly blended traditional ukiyo-e techniques with Western artistic elements. His landscapes, particularly scenes from his extensive travels, gained international acclaim. Yoshida was a key figure in the shin-hanga (new print) movement, emphasizing collaboration between artists, carvers, and printers. His intricate prints, often featuring natural beauty, exemplify a harmonious fusion of Eastern and Western artistic influences.

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