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Japanese Coins 1935 '36 '37 x3 Bronze 1 Sen - Paulownia Crest

Japanese Coins 1935 '36 '37 x3 Bronze 1 Sen - Paulownia Crest

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A set of three guaranteed authentic and rare vintage Japanese 1 sen bronze coins minted in Tokyo in the years 1935, 1936 and 1937. Having the characters, "Dai Nippon" (great Japan) and Showa (昭和) year 10 (1935), 11 (1936), and 12 (1937) with a clear crest of the paulownia mon (a famous family crest) in the center. On the obverse: chrysanthemum blossoms and ー錢 "one sen". Chrysanthemum blossoms symbolize Japan's imperial family and are often used on currency.

Overall, these coins are in very good condition with minimal wear, a very clear strike and freshly cleaned and polished. Measures 7/8" in diameter (2.1 cm). Approximately the size of a US quarter.

PLEASE NOTE - This listing is for THREE coins of the SAME KIND. We have included the additional pictures for you to see the range of coins that we often have available. You may find these listed individually on Shoguns or SailerKing or as collections. Shown are coins that date from the Meiji Era in the late 1800's to post WWII dates. The are 1 Sen, 2 Sen, 5 Sen, 10 Sen and 50 Sen coins. Please feel free to contact us with special requests for specific coins and dates and we may be able to accommodate.

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