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Antique (C.1930) Japanese Iron Kettle Tetsubin Fully Restored Functional 8”

Antique (C.1930) Japanese Iron Kettle Tetsubin Fully Restored Functional 8”

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Brand: Shogun's Gallery

MPN: 44662120218941

Tetsubin This is an antique Japanese Showa Era (c.1926+/-) tetsubin (iron tea pot). It is made of cast iron and is 8" In diameter. The body features the classic hail pellet design. The lid is simple Iron lid which fits snuggly on the body. It is made of very thick iron to hold the heat longer. This Testubin has been restored to its original functioning condition by a process using 100% natural martials to remove excess rust and seal the interior with a layer of protective oxidized tannin. This multi-step process allows the pot to be placed on a heating element such as a small fire or electric hot plate to boil water for tea. The water from this tetsubin pours clear and will continue to do so as long as the pot is properly cared for. See the video above for a demonstration. Tetsubin are only used to boil water for tea. NEVER BOIL TEA IN THE KETTLE FOR DRINKING as this will oxidize the tea and leave a horrible bitter flavor, ruining the tea. Only boil tea in the pot to repair rust that will eventually form on the Tetubin interior over time then discard the tea leaves. The slight taste of rust is believed by some to actually enhance the flavor of tea (along with the quality of the water). Rust is not harmful, there is an old saying in Japanese "There is nothing more satisfying than tea made with water from a rusty pot." Though this is not everyone's taste. It measures about 8" in diameter and 8high including the handle 5". We brought this pot straight from Japan and it remains in in fine condition.

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