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Rare Japanese Carved Bamboo Root Statue of Jurojin 23”

Rare Japanese Carved Bamboo Root Statue of Jurojin 23”

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Jurojin 寿老人 is one of the Seven Lucky Gods of Japan. Symbolizing wisdom and longevity. This striking piece was carved from a single giant timber bamboo root. 

We received this statue from a collector who had been acquiring them for two generations. It has been carefully displayed and well cared for by its caretakers for over 50 years. As such it is in remarkably good condition.

Height = 20.5”

Width = 6”

Depth = 5.5”

Weight = 3lbs 12oz

Jurojin is one of the Seven Lucky Gods (Shichifukujin) in Japanese folklore and mythology, often associated with longevity and wisdom. He is believed to be based on the Taoist deity of longevity, and his origins are intertwined with Chinese beliefs, particularly influenced by the figure of the Taoist god of the same attribute, possibly derived from the legendary figure of the Immortal of the South Pole (Nanji Xianweng).

Jurojin is typically depicted as an elderly man with a long white beard, often accompanied by a deer, which is also a symbol of longevity in Japanese and Chinese culture. He is frequently shown carrying a staff and a scroll on which the lifespan of all living beings is said to be written. This depiction underscores his association with wisdom and the knowledge of all things natural.

The integration of Jurojin into Japanese culture and religion reflects the syncretic blending of native Shinto elements with Buddhist and Taoist influences from China. Like other members of the Seven Lucky Gods, Jurojin is revered not only for his specific domain over longevity but also for his role in bringing good fortune and prosperity.

Jurojin's presence in art and popular worship often involves celebrations and prayers for long life and good health. His images are common in various forms of art including paintings, sculptures, and small amulets, which are frequently exchanged

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