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Antique Chinese Carved Wooden Statue of Immortal w/ Tiger 10”

Antique Chinese Carved Wooden Statue of Immortal w/ Tiger 10”

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Lu Dongbin is a prominent figure in Chinese folklore and Taoist tradition. Born in the Tang Dynasty (around the 8th century), he is one of the Eight Immortals of Taoism, revered for his wisdom, martial arts skills, and mastery of alchemy.

We received this statue from a  collector who had been acquiring them for 2 generations. It has been maintained and kept dust free with its caretakers for over 50 years. As such they are in remarkable condition for its age.

Height = 10”

Width = 10”

Depth = 6”

Weight = 4lbs 13oz

Lu Dongbin is often depicted as a scholar carrying a sword, symbolizing his dual roles as both a learned individual and a skilled warrior. Legend has it that he achieved immortality through rigorous spiritual practices and alchemical pursuits. Throughout history, he has been celebrated as a symbol of enlightenment and transcendence, with numerous tales and legends attributing miraculous feats and teachings to him. Lu Dongbin's influence extends beyond religious and spiritual realms, permeating Chinese culture through literature, art, and popular imagination.

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