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Antique Chinese Carved Wooden Statue of Shoulao 19”

Antique Chinese Carved Wooden Statue of Shoulao 19”

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Shoulao holding fish and standing with a child symbolizes a long abundant life. Intricately carved with supreme detail. 

We received this statue from a collector who had been acquiring them for two generations. It has been cared for and kept dust free by its caretakers for over 50 years. As such it is in remarkably good condition.

Height = 19.5”

Width = 6”

Depth = 6”

Weight = 5lbs

Shoulao, also known as Shouxing, is a revered figure in Chinese mythology, epitomizing the concept of longevity. Recognizable by his distinctively large, bald forehead and long, flowing white beard, Shoulao symbolizes good health and long life. Traditionally depicted holding a peach of immortality, carrying a staff, and sometimes accompanied by a deer or crane—both symbols of longevity—his image is a common motif in Chinese art and cultural artifacts. Originating from Taoist beliefs, where longevity is a coveted blessing, Shoulao's character may have been inspired by historical or legendary figures associated with extraordinary lifespan. Over centuries, he has become a beloved symbol in Chinese culture, often featured in celebrations and given as gifts to express wishes for a long and prosperous life. Shoulao is not just an icon of aging gracefully but also represents the broader cultural reverence for elder wisdom and vitality.

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