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Antique Chinese Natural Stone Carved Statue of Quan Yin 11.5”

Antique Chinese Natural Stone Carved Statue of Quan Yin 11.5”

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This is a natural soap stone statue of Quan-Yin standing on clouds with a hallow ringed space beneath her.

We received this statue from a collector who had been acquiring them for two generations. It has been maintained and kept dust free with its caretakers for over 50 years. As such they are in remarkably good condition. Please look at the detailed photos to appreciate the craftsmanship and to note the few flaws.

Height = 11.5”

Width = 4”

Depth = 2.5”

Weight = 2lbs 12oz

Quan Yin, also known as Guanyin or Kuan Yin, is a revered figure in Chinese Buddhism and Taoism. Originally derived from the Indian bodhisattva Avalokiteshvara, Quan Yin is regarded as the embodiment of compassion, mercy, and unconditional love. The name Quan Yin means "Observing the Sounds of the World," reflecting her ability to hear the cries and pleas of suffering beings.

Historically, Quan Yin's worship spread from India to China and other East Asian countries along the Silk Road. Over time, she became one of the most popular and beloved deities in Chinese Buddhism, particularly among women and those seeking solace and compassion.Quan Yin is often depicted as a graceful figure, sometimes with a serene expression, holding a vase containing pure water or the elixir of life, symbolizing her ability to alleviate suffering and bring healing. She may also be shown with a thousand eyes and arms, signifying her all-seeing and all-reaching compassion.

Beyond her religious significance, Quan Yin holds deep cultural and philosophical meaning in Chinese society. She is seen as a symbol of feminine power, wisdom, and nurturing compassion, and her image is often invoked in art, literature, and daily life to inspire acts of kindness and empathy.

Quan Yin's popularity continues to endure, with countless temples, shrines, and devotional practices dedicated to her across China and beyond. She remains a source of comfort and guidance for millions of people seeking solace in times of hardship and adversity.

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