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Antique Chinese Tea Pot Qing 19th Century Cobalt Blue & White

Antique Chinese Tea Pot Qing 19th Century Cobalt Blue & White

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This is a 19th century antique Chinese tea pot from the late Qing Dynasty. Recently acquired by from a local collector who lived and traveled all over Asia in the 1960's picking up treasures along the way. It is hand thrown and all hand painted in the classic cobalt underglaze. Decorated with peony flowers and leaves. These jars very often did not lids or shared lids with other containers when in use. There is no lid included here. The foot and mouth are unglazed while the interior is fully glazed.

Having been carefully displayed at an estate for the past 50 years this jar remains in fine condition. No hairlines are detected. There are several small chips on the edge of the spout that has likely been there for many ages. Some wear is visible around the mouth and discoloration from early decades of use. There are normal kiln flaws to be expected with these containers like dark spots from kiln ash, smudged paint and pinhole reserves in the glaze. The is no handle.

The jar measure approximately 4" tall and 4" in diameter (10 x 10 cm). A simple and elegant piece of history that's both highly collectible and quite decorative.

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