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Rare Antique Japanese Edo Era (early 1800's) Red Lacquer Folding Chair 41"

Rare Antique Japanese Edo Era (early 1800's) Red Lacquer Folding Chair 41"

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This is a rare antique Japanese Edo era (18th or 19th century) red lacquer and gilt sugi wood folding chair. This would have been used by individuals in positions of significant power and influence. Variously believed to have been used as hunting chairs for leaders of the hunting party (Daimyo, General, etc.) and as kyokuroku 曲録 chairs by Buddhist abbots for meditation seated cross legged. One of the very few types of chairs used in traditional Japan. 

While done in a very traditional Chinese Ming style the fact that a round family crest motif is painted in makie on the back of the chair indicates it's Japanese origin. The Kamon crest is one of the many Tomoe styles that incorporates elements of the Yin-Yang symbols. 

The bronze hardware which is a sort of armor protection for the exposed part of the chair is masterfully etched with peony and arabesque vines. 

The chair measures approximately 41" tall x 32" wide x 17" deep seat is at " ( cm). For a lacquer piece of this size that may be greater than 200 years old it is in very good shape. There is some separation of the lacquer from the wood and exposed joints. The leather seat is in excellent condition yet seems to be the original seat. All original condition with no repairs.

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