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Antique Japanese First National Census Commemorative Bronze Medal

Antique Japanese First National Census Commemorative Bronze Medal

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Guaranteed to be authentic and original.  c. 1920 FIRST NATIONAL CENSUS COMMEMORATIVE MEDAL

The 30mm diameter bronze medal features, to its obverse, the image of a "Taika" era official within the outlined border of a sixteen-petal Imperial Chrysanthemum. To its reverse are embossed four rows of kanji characters, the two to the center translating to "National Census" and "Commemorative Medal," while the row arching over them translates to "Taisho era 9th Year" (1920), and the row arching beneath to "10th Month 1st Day." This was awarded to all those who participated directly or assisted in the first national census. A clasp is to the top of the medal, with a perforated ball to its top, through which passes the ribbon’s suspension ring. Fed unto the ring is a watered silk ribbon, in white with wide purple vertical stripes near either of its edges. An elongated, vertical alloy hook is to its top, which folds down and mates with an alloy eye sewn near the base of its reverse.

Having been in storage for over 100 years, it remains in very fine condition.

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