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Antique Japanese Meiji Era (late 1800's) Cloisonné Green/Blue Tea Pot 3.5”

Antique Japanese Meiji Era (late 1800's) Cloisonné Green/Blue Tea Pot 3.5”

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This is a unique Japanese Meiji era (c. 1890) ornate Cloisonné vase.  Made of copper, copper alloys and vitreous glass enamel. 

Having been carefully displayed for nearly five decades since acquired by a dedicated local collector, it remains in fine condition

 This is a perfect example of Meiji era Japanese cloisonné. This is one of over 110 beautiful examples of this exquisite Japanese art currently being offered by Shogun's Gallery. 

Japanese cloisonné is an exquisite art form that marries meticulous craftsmanship with vibrant aesthetics. This traditional technique reached a level of extreme mastery in the Meiji era and involves adorning a metal base, often copper or silver, with delicate wire partitions, creating intricate compartments known as "cloisons." These compartments are then meticulously filled with vivid enamel, resulting in a rich tapestry of colors that, after multiple firings and polishing, achieve a glossy, flawless finish. The process demands precision, skill and hundreds of hours, making each piece a testament to the artisan's expertise and dedication. With its captivating patterns, luminous colors, and often intricate inlays, Japanese cloisonné serves as a luxurious and culturally rich addition to any space, seamlessly blending tradition with timeless elegance.

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