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Antique Japanese Meiji / Taisho Era Early 1900's Japanese Kiseru Good Draw 5.25"

Antique Japanese Meiji / Taisho Era Early 1900's Japanese Kiseru Good Draw 5.25"

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This is an antique Japanese kiseru (煙管) from the Meiji/Taisho Era (early 1900's). It has a metal mouth piece and bowl with bamboo center. It is quite elegant and compact and still has a nice draw. Along with a warm centuries old patina, this kiseru has a good draw and is still very functional.

This kiseru measures 5.25" (13.5 cm) long. It has been well used, yet well loved and, along with its warm aged patina, this kiseru remains in very good (functional) condition. There are a few minor stains or marks on the warm aged patina.

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The tradition of smoking with a kiseru, using finely shredded tobacco known as 刻み煙草 (kizami tabako), began in Japan in the mid-16th century, introduced by Portuguese traders. During the Edo period (1603-1868), smoking kiseru became widespread, especially among the samurai and elite classes, evolving into a cultural practice that emphasized aesthetics and mindfulness. The kiseru, often intricately crafted from metal and bamboo, was used in various social and formal settings, including tea ceremonies and kabuki theater. Although Western-style cigarette smoking grew in popularity during the Meiji period, the kiseru tradition persisted among enthusiasts and continues to be appreciated today for its historical and cultural significance.

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