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Antique Japanese Mid-Edo (1700'S) Drum Noh-Daiko Shimedaiko with Stand

Antique Japanese Mid-Edo (1700'S) Drum Noh-Daiko Shimedaiko with Stand

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This is a rare Japanese antique mid Edo Era (1700's) drum. This drum is a type of Shime-daiko 締め太鼓 ("closing drum") that are wrapped in rope. This one is specifically called a Noh-daiko 能太鼓. Notably used to accompany Noh plays to create unique sound effects to enhance the drama (check out a YouTube video to hear some examples). The top and bottom skins are in good, tight condition and it has a very crisp sound. It is coated in black lacquer and decorated with gilt around the whole circumference. It includes a specially made stand to hold the drum suspended by the ropes and both beaters. It is wrapped and held tight by many yards of traditional orange natural fiber rope.

After a perhaps two centuries of careful use, along with a warm aged patina, it remains in fine antique condition. Their is cracking to the lacquer and can still be played but should be handled with respect and care. This noh-daiko measures 5 1/4" tall by 13 3/4" across (13.5 x 35 cm).

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