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Vintage Japanese Original Tsukasa Yoshida Ukiyoe Woodblock Print "Dawn"

Vintage Japanese Original Tsukasa Yoshida Ukiyoe Woodblock Print "Dawn"

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 Japanese woodblock - Tsukasa Yoshida b.1949.

Titled: "Dawn" 暁 (akatsuki)

Medium: Woodblock Print
11"H x 16"W
Signed: Tsugasa Yoshida in pencil
Condition: Very good color and impression. Note that there two vertical creases that can be pressed out (see photo).

Tsukasa Yoshida was born in 1949 as the eldest son of Toshi Yoshida. He has continued the heritage and tradition of his family and became an artist with the focus on woodblock printmaking. Tsukasa Yoshida is the director of the Yoshida Hanga Academy which was founded by Toshi Yoshida in an abandoned school house in a small village of the name of Miasa, in the Northern Japanese Alps. It became known also as the Bunka center. Tsukasa Yoshida works in the traditional woodblock printmaking style of his father and grandfather. He prefers strong colors and straightforward compositions. Especially in his landscape prints he makes use of gradations to make the designs more vivid and create atmosphere.

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