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Antique Japanese Whaleback Saw Forged Iron Huge Maebiki Nokogiri Tool

Antique Japanese Whaleback Saw Forged Iron Huge Maebiki Nokogiri Tool

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This huge antique Japanese saw or nokogiri was hand forged by a Japanese master blade maker over a century ago. It is the type of timber saw used in woodworking and Japanese carpentry that cuts on the pull stroke, unlike European saws which cut on the push stroke. This allows it to have a thinner blade that cuts more efficiently and leaves a narrower cut width. Made of a high quality laminated carbon steel and carefully milled by hand. Signed on the base of the blade by the Japanese master blade maker over 100 years ago.

Note the smaller teeth toward the handle end of the blade. This was used to help make an efficient starting cut before proceeding with the larger teeth. The kiri (paulownia) wood handle is still in remarkable condition for a 100 year old piece.

This timber nokogiri saw is complete with all teeth and along with an aged patina and some minor oxidation, it remains overall in very good condition throughout, as seen in the enlarged pictures. A rare piece of character and quality from over a century past. The thickness of this blade helped to create a straight "rip" cut down the length of a log. 

This type of saw required an especially powerful kobiki-shokunin (sawyer) as seen in the 1830's Hokusai woodblock print in the last picture (not included). Measures 30" overall (76 cm). With a blade length (teeth area) of 20" long by 13" wide (51 x 33 cm). Old world craftsmanship for the new world craftsman!

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