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Chashaku Tea Scoop for Tea Ceremony Named w Tube

Chashaku Tea Scoop for Tea Ceremony Named w Tube

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This is a used Chashaku previously owned by a frequent tea practitioner. Includes tube.

The Chashaku is the simple bamboo tea scoop used to transfer powdered green tea from the caddy to the tea bowl during tea ceremony. As it’s function is one of the most pivotal points in the ritual, it occupies a special roll as a work of art within itself.

Specialized craftsmen and tea masters themselves carve these out of specially selected bamboo. They then carve a tube from bamboo to store it in and usually a kiri wood box to store the tube in. These tubes, boxes or both are then signed by the craftsmen. If the Chashaku is special than it is named by the craftsmen and that name is written on the tube or box.



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