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Chikayoshi Female Ukiyo-E Artist Giclee Woodblock c1877 9.5"x7"

Chikayoshi Female Ukiyo-E Artist Giclee Woodblock c1877 9.5"x7"

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This is a 9.5" x 7" Chikayoshi Toyohara (豊原周義)  giclée reproduction print of a Japanese Meiji era  ukiyo-e (woodblock print) from the Twelve Views of Tokyo (東京十二景) series c. 1880. The email artist Chikayoshi was most actively working in the 1870's and 1880's. In this series she produced vibrantly colored prints featuring different flowers in each view and often depicting children. We have examples of eight of the twelve prints in this series which was originally folded and lightly bound into a folio.

This is a giclée print. It is from a very high resolution scan taken of the original Chikayoshi print in our collection n with a state of the art flat bed scanner. It is printed on acid free archival fine-art paper with highly fade resistant pigments inks.


This is actual size at 9 3/8" wide by 6 7/8" tall (24 x 17.5 cm) including the border. The print is in new condition.

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