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Vintage Japanese Bronze Tea Ceremony Korogata Hibachi 13”

Vintage Japanese Bronze Tea Ceremony Korogata Hibachi 13”

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Indulge in the refined artistry of tea ceremony with this exquisite Bronze Korogata Hibachi, meticulously crafted to enhance your tea rituals. Its timeless design exudes elegance, while the rich bronze hue adds warmth and sophistication to your tea space.

Paired with a black lacquered make daisu and Kama koshi, this ensemble embodies the perfect harmony of tradition and modernity. The deep, lustrous black finish of the daisu and Kama koshi complements the bronze hibachi beautifully, creating a visually stunning centerpiece for your tea gatherings.

Nestled within a traditional wooden box, this set comes complete with the name of the maker, their inkan, and paper documentation, adding an authentic touch of craftsmanship and heritage to your collection. The meticulously tied box tie ensures the safekeeping of your treasured tea implements while adding a touch of ceremony to the unboxing experience.

Whether you're a seasoned tea practitioner or just beginning your tea journey, this Bronze Korogata Hibachi set promises to elevate every aspect of your tea rituals. Embrace the artistry and tradition of Japanese tea culture with this exquisite ensemble that honors the beauty and serenity of the tea ceremony.


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