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Japanese Repoduction Hiroshige Ukiyoe Woodblock Print "Carp Streamers"

Japanese Repoduction Hiroshige Ukiyoe Woodblock Print "Carp Streamers"

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Vintage reproduction of a Japanese woodblock print by the Ando Hiroshige 歌川 広重 - 1797-1858. Titled "Carp Streamers, at Suidobashi Surugadai, one of the 100 famous views of Edo". Remade by the Kyoto Handcraft Center in the 1980's. Made will all traditional methods of carving blocks and pressing one block from each color. Colors are vivid and print is in very fine condition. 7.5"x 10" w/o matt.

Utagawa Hiroshige (1797-1858), also known as Ando Hiroshige, was a preeminent Japanese woodblock print artist of the Edo period. Renowned for his landscape prints and his series "Fifty-Three Stations of the Tōkaidō" and "One Hundred Famous Views of Edo," Hiroshige's work is celebrated for its serene and masterful depictions of nature and everyday life. His artistic innovation in portraying the beauty of Japan's landscapes, seasons, and cityscapes had a profound influence on the ukiyo-e tradition. Hiroshige's contributions to the art world have left an enduring legacy, and his prints continue to be cherished for their harmonious compositions and captivating use of color and perspective.

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