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Japanese Traditional Papier-mâché Daruma Wishing Doll in White 23”H

Japanese Traditional Papier-mâché Daruma Wishing Doll in White 23”H

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This is a traditional Japanese wishing doll known as a Daruma doll. The dolls are round with no arms and legs and have a weighted bottom so they can’t be knocked down. To make a wish you paint in one eye, and when the wish comes true, you paint in the other.

Written in gold on the front is the character for “stubbornness” to remember the dedication to fulfilling your wish with the same determination as Daruma-san

The doll is a depiction of Bodhidarma, the first patriarch of Zen who came from India to China around the 1st Century CE. Bodhidarma has become a legend since he entered China. He is credited for the introduction of Shaolin kung fu, Zen Meditation and even the importation of Tea to China.

In Japan he is the icon of stubborn perseverance. In Japan Bodhidarma or “Daruma-san” is best known for staring at a wall for 9 years ignoring every one who came to ask him questions until a young monk determined to learn his Buddhist teaching cut off his own arm and presented it to Daruma-San as a sign of his devotion. Daruma then taught his students about zen meditation and martial arts. 

He looks grumpy due to his signal minded focus.

He is round because the word for round “Daru” in Japanese sounds identical to Daru-ma. This prompted the legend that since Daruma-san did not move from his meditation seat for 9 years that his arms and legs atrophied, and fell off. It’s also said that in order to stay awake during his prolonged meditation that he cut off his own eyelids and where they fell the first tea tree in China grew. 

That’s why making a wish on a Daruma Doll will grant your wish as long as you are determined.


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