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Japanese Woodblock Print Reproduction: By Kiyohiro Bijinga "Kemari" Print

Japanese Woodblock Print Reproduction: By Kiyohiro Bijinga "Kemari" Print

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This pair of antique Japanese Meiji Era (c. 1890) gold and red lacquer bowls with lids were hand turned from cryptomeria wood with over twenty layers of black lacquer. The lids have makie images of leaves, flowers and fruit. Japanese lacquer is considered the finest in the world. This type of bowl was often used for soup or appetizers.

These bowls were found in their box carefully written over with the detail of the first owner contents. Very likely a commemorative set for formal occasions... over 100 years ago. The storage box is not included in this listing (unless all four sets are purchased).

Having been in storage for over a century, with exception to minor signs of use these bowls remains in fine condition and are in good polish. As these are antiques the bowls and lids may not be perfectly round and thus the lids have in imperfect fit. The larger two bowl measures 4 3/4" in diameter by 3 1/2" tall with lid (12 x 9 cm). In the final picture you can see the original box that they bowls have been stored in for over a century. Please feel free to order in quantity by the pair.

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