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This is a pair of Japanese wooden clog sandals called geta. Geta are considered informal and are worn with yukata (a casual kimono made of thin breathable fabric). Geta are made of three parts: The “Dai” which is the wooden platform where the foot rests, the “Hanao” or thong strap and the “Ha” or teeth, two wooden bars underneath that support the base. Due to the extra height, geta can be worn in the rain or even snow without worrying about dirtying ones feet. These Geta have soles lined with thin bamboo strips and a hanao made of leather.

They measure 9.5" long by 4" wide. It's about 8" from the toe strap to the back of the heel. Probably equivalent to a U.S. womans size 8.5. These Geta have been worn outside and have visible water marks as seen in the photos.

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