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Original Japanese Woodblock Print: By Eisen (1790-1848) Beauty Print Bijinga

Original Japanese Woodblock Print: By Eisen (1790-1848) Beauty Print Bijinga

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By Keisai Eisen (1790-1848), one of the early Ukiyo-e artists, this is an original Japanese Edo era woodblock print.  Guaranteed original Ukiyo-e (woodblock print) 1820's by the artist Eisen of the Yamada school.

Signature: Eisen-ga 英泉画

Series: Pine Needles of Current Music 今容音極松の葉 (Imayō Onkyoku Matsu no Ha) 

Publisher: Wakamatsu

Very good impression and color, some light foxing and small tears at edges, print remains in overall very good condition.

This is a standard Oban size and each of the three prints measures roughly 10" wide by 14 1/2" tall (25 x 37 cm). The print may be loosely rolled for shipping. 

Eisen, also known as Keisai Eisen, was a Japanese ukiyo-e artist born in 1790 and active during the Edo period. He initially trained under Kikugawa Eizan but later established his own unique style. Eisen is renowned for his exquisite portrayals of beautiful women, kabuki actors, and landscapes. His prints often feature intricate details, vibrant colors, and delicate lines. Eisen's works are highly regarded for their elegance and refined aesthetic, contributing significantly to the development of ukiyo-e art. He passed away in 1848, leaving behind a lasting legacy in Japanese woodblock printmaking.

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