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Rare 1st Ed Original Paul Jacoulet Woodblock Print "Le Reveil" Saipan

Rare 1st Ed Original Paul Jacoulet Woodblock Print "Le Reveil" Saipan

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This is an original Paul Jacoulet print titled "Le Reveil" Saipan, Marianes. It is the "First Stage" or 1st edition with only 60 impression ever created making this image a truly rare treasure from 1937. In all, Paul Jacoulet made only 166 different prints in his lifetime living in Japan. The blocks were carved by Jacoulet's long time master carver Kantaro Maeda. This is stamped with the "lucky hammer" below the artist signature indicating the 1937 date. 

This measures 14.75" tall by 19" wide (13.5 x 48 cm). This woodblock print is in fine condition.

Paul Jacoulet (1902–1960) was a French artist known for his woodblock prints. Born in Paris, he moved to Japan at age 6 spent the rest of his life there when he wasn't traveling the world. Jacoulet combined traditional Japanese woodblock techniques with Western influences, creating a truly unique style. His works often featured portraits, landscapes, and scenes from the places he traveled. He gained recognition for his meticulous craftsmanship and use of vibrant colors. Jacoulet's prints captured the beauty of different cultures, reflecting his deep appreciation for diversity. Despite facing challenges during World War II, he continued to produce art until his death in 1960, leaving behind a significant legacy in the art world.

What set him apart was his ability to seamlessly merge Eastern and Western artistic elements, creating a style that was both culturally rich and internationally appealing. His works often featured exquisite depictions of different cultures, showcasing a rare sense intimacy with the subjects. 

In essence, the special quality of Paul Jacoulet's work lay in its cross-cultural synthesis, technical excellence, and the artist's ability to capture the beauty of diverse subjects with a harmonious fusion of influences.

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