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Rare Antique C. 1830 - 1866 Japanese Bronze Coin: Tempo Tsuho 100 Mon Coin

Rare Antique C. 1830 - 1866 Japanese Bronze Coin: Tempo Tsuho 100 Mon Coin

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A guaranteed authentic and rare antique Japanese 100 mon bronze coin minted in Tokyo from 1835 - 1868. Having the characters Tenpō Tsūhō (Kyūjitai天保通寳/天保通寶Shinjitai天保通宝) was an Edo period coin with a face value of 100 mon, originally cast in the 6th year of the Tenpō era (1835). The obverse of the coin reads "Tenpō" (天保) a reference to the era this coin was designed in, and "Tsūhō" (通寳) which means "circulating treasure" or currency. The Kaō is that of Gotō San'emon, a member of the Kinza mint's Gotō family (), descendants of Gotō Shozaburo Mitsutsugu, a metalworker and engraver from Kyoto appointed by shōgun Tokugawa Ieyasu in 1600 to oversee the Edo mint of his shogunate and oversee its coinage. All mother coins were produced in Edo (present day Tokyo) before they were sent to other mints where they would place the individual mint's mark (shirushi) on the edge of the coin (see picture 4). The coin circulated for 40 years, and stopped being produced during the Meiji Restoration after the introduction of the Japanese yen.

Overall, with the exception of some signs of age(warm aged patina), this coin is in very fine condition with minimal wear, a very clear strike and having all original patina. Measures 1 7/8" by1 1/2" (5 x 3 cm). Picture 4 shows a special bamboo leaf stamp that was struck on the side of the coin to prevent counterfiting.

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