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Toshi Yoshida Woodblock Print Urayasu 1951 in Frame

Toshi Yoshida Woodblock Print Urayasu 1951 in Frame

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Vintage Japanese original woodblock print by Toshi Yoshida from 1951 titled Urayasu.

Frame 15.75" x 21"

Print 10.5" x 15.5" (approx.)

Toshi Yoshida (1911–1995) was a renowned Japanese woodblock print artist, born into an artistic family. Son of Hiroshi Yoshida, a prominent printmaker, Toshi continued the family tradition. He excelled in the sosaku-hanga (creative print) movement, emphasizing the artist's involvement in the entire printmaking process. Toshi's works often featured landscapes, animals, and scenes from his travels. His unique style and commitment to the woodblock print medium contributed significantly to the Japanese printmaking legacy.

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