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Vintage (C1950) Chinese Porcelain Sanxing Gods Fortune Prosperity Longevity

Vintage (C1950) Chinese Porcelain Sanxing Gods Fortune Prosperity Longevity

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This is a set of vintage Chinese porcelain ceramic statues of the Sanxing ( 三星 Literal translation: 'Three Stars'. 'Three Stars').The Sanxing are the gods of the three stars or constellations considered essential in Chinese astrology and mythology: Jupiter, Ursa Major, and Sirius. Fu, Lu, and Shou.They have emerged from Chinese Folk Religon.Their iconic representation as three, old, bearded, wise men dates back to the Ming dynasty (1338 - 1644) when the gods of the three stars were represented in human form for the first time. They are sometimes identified with other deities of the Chinese religion or of Taoism.

The term is commonly used in Chinese culture to denote the three attributes of a good life. Statues of these three gods are found on the facades of folk religion's temples and ancestral shrines, in nearly every Chinese home and many Chinese-owned shops on small altars with a glass of water, an orange or other auspicious offerings, especially during Louner New Year.

Traditionally, they are arranged right to left (so Shou is on the left of the viewer, Lu in the middle, and Fu on the far right), just as Chinese characters are traditionally written from right to left.

These statues measures 8" tall by 3 1/2" wide (20.5 x 8 cm). Having been displayed lovingly for over 50 years, he remains in good condition.

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