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Vintage Japanese Signed Chef'S Sashimi Sushi Knife Laminated Samurai Steel

Vintage Japanese Signed Chef'S Sashimi Sushi Knife Laminated Samurai Steel

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This is a fine professional grade sashimi yanagiba sushi chef's knife from the mid Showa era (c. 1960). It has been specially commissioned by the master blade maker, (Seki Kanetsugu) (see pictures 2 & 9) using the same methods used to create samurai swords. The blade was hand forged from a combination of hard high carbon white steel forge welded onto a piece of soft wrought iron. After forging and shaping it was set into a Magnolia wood handle (see pictures 9 & 10).

Yanagaba-bocho or. willow blade knife are long and very thin knifes used in the Japanese kitchen to prepare sashimi, sushi sliced raw fish and seafood.

In preparing sashimi and sushi, there are very important conditions that the sliced cross section be smooth, shiny and sharp in a microscopic view. Those conditions cannot be met by other usual knives. Yanagi-ba-bocho are especially designed to satisfy the conditions. Important design points for it are as follows:

  • Length: It has a long blade to cut a fish block only in one direction (pulling). Zigzag cutting creates a bad cross section.
  • Thickness: It has a very thin blade to allow cutting using very little force. Using greater force would result in tearing or smashing instead of cutting.
  • Hardness & toughness: Consistency in durability and sharpness is created in the same way as a Japanese sword. The blade is formed from a combination of two different steels, a softer outer jacket of steel wrapped around an inner core of harder steel.
  • Single ground: A yanagi ba blade is angled only from one side, with the other side of the blade being flat. This allows control in the blade angle for delicate cutting and allows for ease of sharpening. 
  • Cutting direction: While almost all western knives are used to push and cut, almost all Japanese knives are used pull and cut instead.

This blade has been used lovingly and remains very sharp and is in very good condition. Overall it measures 13" long (33 cm) with ablade that is 8" (20 cm) long by 1 1/4" wide (3.5 cm). Whether you are cutting vegetable paper thin or cutting strips of tuna for sushi you will find this to be a great versatile blade. I'm sure you will find it to be the finest blade you have ever used!

A note of caution goes with this blade: It is to be used with skill and respect as it is sharp and can cut ones hand as easily and quickly as it can cut through fish or vegetables. Once you have used a Japanese knife you will never be able to go back to using anything else. It maintains its edge for years. I have used a very similar one for over 25 years on a daily basis for cooking prep work and wouldn't sell it for $500 or more.

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