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Antique Japanese Sugi Wood Suzuribako Calligraphy Tansu Chest Abacus 9.5"

Antique Japanese Sugi Wood Suzuribako Calligraphy Tansu Chest Abacus 9.5"

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This is an over 100 year old antique Japanese suzuribako from the Meiji Era (c. 1900). This suzuribako (portable calligraphy tansu) has two drawers and a lidded top section, made of solid Sugi (cryptomeria) wood, Japanese cedar. This tansu also has a very unusual feature: a built in abacus (soroban), which makes this an even more collectible item. The metal hardware is hand forged iron.

Length = 9 1/2"   Width = 6"   Height = 6 1/2"  Weight = 3lbs 10oz

Suzuribako were used as portable accounting chests (the forerunner of the attache' case). Also known as a calligraphy chest as it housed an ink stone, brushes, ink stick, and paper. This chest still has its original hand rubbed lacquer finish over persimmon tannin stain.

This chest was used to hold calligraphy and writing materials, as well as, money and valuables. The lidded top section was used for the storage and use of suzuri (ink stone) with brushes. The lidded top swings open to reveal the area where the ink stone was once housed.  The lidded top opens by pushing a side button and closes securely when the lid is closed. The top handle is still very secure and provides a convenient way to transport this chest. All drawers open and close smoothly. The double hinged lidded top swings open and closes easily.

All drawers open smoothly and the lidded top opens/closes with ease. Along with a century old warm patina this suzuribako tansu chest remains in fine original antique condition.

A very warm accent for your home or office. Great to hold pens, as well as, remote controls for the TV and stereo.

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